How to Recognize Adoption Fraud

Adopting a child is a stressful, time consuming, and ultimately rewarding experience that provides a child with an opportunity to live in a stable and loving environment. Though the legal and emotional aspects of adoption are often discussed, few talk about the criminal dangers that can be associated with adoption. One of the most heartbreaking things that adults wanting to become parents can experience is adoption fraud. As adoption becomes more difficult throughout the United States, an environment that breeds fraudulent activity grows, placing adults and children in danger. Knowing how to recognize adoption fraud can protect you or your loved ones from being hurt emotionally, physically, and financially. Continue reading

Essential Advice for First Time Adoptive Parents

Adopting allows you to offer stability to a child in need while helping your own family grow. Regardless of the type of adoption (step parent, grandparent, or through an agency), the process can be an extremely rewarding experience. While the process for legally finalizing any type of adoption can be stressful and time consuming, as well, there are a few pieces of advice that are helpful to all parents. Following this essential advice for first time adoptive parents can make navigating through the process easier for everyone involved. Continue reading

Adopted Children and Ability to Inherit

Children are adopted for a variety of reasons, whether it is due to a couple’s inability to have children, a general disposition towards adopting, or by a family member when someone dies. Many people who are adopted view themselves as the children of their adopted parents, while some continue to communicate with their biological parents. What happens legally when the biological parent dies and a biological child seeks to inherit under his or her will, or the adopting parent dies without leaving a will for the adopted children? Continue reading

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