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Worthington Ohio Divorce Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights in a Worthington, Ohio Divorce

Couples looking to end their marriage have options. In Ohio, a couple can either file for dissolution or divorce. Both end in the same manner—you receive a divorce decree and can start your life over as a single person. However, there are key differences.

At Lawrence Law Office, we have ample experience with both dissolution and divorce. We always keep our client’s best interests at the forefront of everything that we do, and we would gladly discuss your options with you.

Choosing Between Dissolution and Divorce

The choice might be out of your hands.  To file for dissolution, you must agree to all critical issues with your spouse, such as child custody and support, the division of marital property, and alimony. You can attend mediation or counseling with your spouse to foster agreement, but sometimes disagreements remain.

Many people assume dissolution is faster –and that is true, once you file your paperwork. But the negotiation beforehand could be lengthy.

There are also benefits to filing for divorce. You might be afraid that your spouse will waste or move assets out of a joint bank account, and you can ask a judge to intervene. A divorce might also be the only realistic option if you are being abused or terrorized, which would make negotiation impossible.

Deciding Child Custody

Custody is rarely an “all or nothing” proposition. Both parents can share legal custody, which is the right to have a say in important decisions regarding medical care, religious upbringing, and education. Parents should also be informed of more day-to-day decisions made for the child.

When it comes to physical custody, both parents should have meaningful time with their children. However, the precise details depend on the situation. Generally, one parent is made the residential parent, and the other parent has ample time with the children. Parents can create their own parenting plan and submit it to the court.

Where parents cannot agree on custody, however, a judge will look at all relevant factors and decide what is in the child’s best interest.

Setting Child Support

Ohio has created guidelines to determine child support. These guidelines look at each parent’s incomes, the number of children, and the amount of time each parent has with the children. A judge can adjust the guideline amount up or down for good reason, such as large medical or educational expenses.

If parents have high incomes, then a judge is not required to follow the guidelines at all. The risk of a judge entering an absurdly high child support award increases in these cases, so it is best to have an attorney represent you.

Dividing Marital Property

No issue causes more confusion than dividing marital property. We have heard more misconceptions in this area, so we want to lay out the general rules governing marital property clearly.

To start, most property obtained while married is martial. The only exceptions are gifts one spouse received from a non-spouse and any inheritance. Marital property can take many forms and includes:

  • Wages
  • Self-employment income
  • Business income and business interests
  • Retirement accounts
  • Real estate
  • Cars
  • Other personal property

It usually doesn’t matter who paid for the asset or whose name is on the title. If you bought a house while married, it is marital even if one spouse solely paid the mortgage out of his wages and had only his name on the deed.

Couples can leave the marriage with their separate property and divide what is marital. When they can’t agree, a judge will divide it “equitably” based on an assessment of what is fair. Equitable division does not automatically mean 50/50, though it could.

Determining Spousal Support (Alimony)

When spouses have unequal earning power, a lower-earning spouse might request alimony, also called spousal support. This usually takes the form of a monthly payment.

Ohio law does not require alimony, however, and a judge might award it for only a limited amount of time until a spouse can get back on his or her feet. Judges have a lot of discretion when it comes to spousal support, so meet with an attorney to review.

Client Reviews

Had free consultation. Advice given was taken, and resulted in change of mind in the other/opposing party. We therefore did not need to retain. Should opposing party resume original opinion, we will retain.


I was in a terrible custody dispute with my ex. I was very upset and afraid of my ex. Rodd listened to everything I said and remembered everything I said. He was aggressive in court and used the information I gave him very well. We won the case and my ex has backed off.


I wanted an easy divorce from my wife. She wanted a fight. Rodd and I discussed fair terms for a dissolution. Because he was pro active and stayed on top of the case, my wife and I finally reached an agreement and had a dissolution. I highly recommend Rodd.


I hired Linda Lawrence because I have a business and I wanted to protect it in my divorce. Linda is top notch and knows about business finance and assets. I was able to keep my business and not have to pay my wife anything from it. Hire her.


I hired Linda Lawrence because I needed an aggressive attorney. Linda was able to stand up against the other attorney and was very aggressive in court. It was an expensive divorce case, but that was because the other attorney was very aggressive and Linda was very thorough. I had great results in my case and highly recommend Linda.


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