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How to Simplify the Divorce Process

Marriage is not easy, even in the best of circumstances. As time goes on, we tend to change. Some people gain maturity as they get older; many do not. Sometimes people do things that go against their character, such as abuse and infidelity.

A relationship can easily turn into a minefield; so can a divorce. A divorce can be a nerve-wracking process. You may have a clear plan in mind, but you never know what your spouse may do. 

While you can’t control what your spouse may do, you can control your behavior. Know that what you do or say during your divorce can make or break your situation. You will have to make a lot of decisions during the divorce process, and these decisions will not only affect you, but also your spouse, your children, and other family members as well.

Therefore, you need to think things thoroughly. While your lawyer can help you, it is ultimately up to you to make the right decisions. This may seem like a lot of pressure, but these tips can help you.

Know What You Want

This may seem easy, but the problem is that people often confuse needs and wants. Or they think that they need to get as much as they can out of the divorce out of spite or revenge. The truth is that you need to leave your emotions out of it and be practical. Instead of getting as much as you can, think about what’s important to you. 

It may be helpful to make a list of all the marital assets and decide which ones you want, which ones you need, and which ones you can do without. Whether it’s the marital home, the car, the cash, or the collectibles or heirlooms, you need to think about what’s most important to you. You should also know what your spouse wants. This will help you decide what to fight for and what you can live without.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Even if you identify what you want, you may still have to negotiate. After all, divorce is not all about you. The process requires some give and take. You and your spouse may want the same things, so be willing to compromise. If you don’t budge at all, then you’ll just make tensions worse and cause the divorce to drag on for longer. This causes things to get more expensive as well. Your best bet is to try to be amicable instead of vengeful.

Know the Law

Marriage is a legal contract. When you divorce, you break that contract. Each state has various laws involved, so be sure to know the laws for divorcing in Ohio. Of course, your attorney knows the laws, but it’s important that you have a basic knowledge of them as well so you know the process and how things work. You can do some research on your own or you can ask your lawyers questions.

What you need to know is that a divorce is essentially a lawsuit. You are suing your spouse, who is someone you once loved (and maybe still do). It can be highly emotional but at the same time, it is a serious legal battle that splits up everything between you and your spouse. Court outcomes may vary, so be sure to fight for your legal rights.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is important in a divorce. While you and your spouse may not be the best of friends (otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be getting divorced), you should still act civil toward each other. This means not yelling and badmouthing each other. Find a way to communicate that works best for you, whether it’s in person, on the phone, or via email or text. Remember, if you have children together, your spouse will still be involved in your life, so knowing how to effectively communicate your desires — or anything else for that matter — is crucial. 

Have the Right Support on Your Side

You need to have a good team that can help you with your legal and emotional matters. For the right legal support, choose an attorney who specializes in divorce and family law in general. Discuss your case with your lawyer and choose the right process,whether that means mediation or something else. 

Besides a lawyer, you also need experts to help guide you through the financial and tax aspects of divorce. An accountant or financial planner can help you manage your finances post-divorce. They can also help you understand the importance of tax planning and managing your finances as you go from married to single. 

For help with the emotional aspects of divorce, get help from friends and family. Your loved ones can offer you advice and serve as a shoulder to cry on when you need to vent. If you don’t have anyone you can trust, consider a therapist or counselor. They can give you advice so you can  deal with your emotions and move on with ease.

Focus on the Future

Nobody wants to divorce, but you can make the best of it. Try to be positive about the situation. If you have children, focus on giving them the best lives possible. If you don’t have children, focus on your interests. Set goals. Move to your dream location. Travel the world. Engage in new hobbies. Start dating again, if that’s what you want to do. There’s a wealth of opportunity out there, so take advantage of it. 

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Divorce is a legal and emotional process. It’s an experience that can be filled with anger and complexities, but with the right mindset and preparations in place, you can make the process easier. 

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