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Ways in Which Your Spouse May Take You for Granted

The best marriages have two parties who always put in 110% to ensure the relationship is on the right track. But that’s not always how they work. In many marriages, there is one spouse doing the majority of the work. They may work full-time and take care of the home and kids while their spouse does the bare minimum. They may not even have a job.

In these cases, your spouse is likely taking you for granted. When a person takes you for granted, it means that they rely on you to do everything. They expect that you will take care of all their needs. Yet they undervalue everything you do. They may withdraw from the marriage. They may become more distant and even stop listening to you when you speak. 

A person who is taken for granted is not seen by their true worth. They are not appreciated, and this can lead to a lot of problems in a marriage. A person who is taken for granted by their husband or wife will often feel a lot of resentment. This is especially true if they are the one putting a lot of time and energy into the marriage. 

Sometimes people take people for granted unconsciously, though, so it’s possible your spouse isn’t doing this on purpose. This means that your best course of action is to have a talk with your partner. Let them know how you feel. 

However, if nothing changes, then you might be at a dead end. Divorce may be on the horizon. Here are some signs that you should look for so you can nip the problem in the bud. 

Your Spouse No Longer Spends Time With You

Spouses need to spend time together in order for their marriage to survive. It’s hard for a couple to spend a lot of time together, and that’s understandable. Work, children, and other important aspects of life tend to take priority. At the end of the day, you may just want to shut your brain off and refrain from talking to or doing anything with your spouse.

While these feelings are understandable, you need to make an effort with your spouse, and they need to do the same with you. Otherwise, someone is going to feel taken for granted. 

Communication Has Become Iffy

If you and your spouse barely talk to each other anymore, then he or she may be taking you for granted. If texts and phone calls are becoming nonexistent, then something is going on. You’re stuck in a rut, and you need to make a decision. Deal with it and work on your communication or walk away before it affects your self-esteem. 

You’re Not Satisfied With the Sex

Sex should be about the wants and needs of both parties. If your spouse is becoming a selfish lover, then they are taking you for granted. You should be a priority in the bedroom, so if your spouse is no longer interested in fulfilling your desires, then it may be time to move on and find someone who will.

The Blame is Put on You

 If your spouse is always trying to blame you for everything and refuses to take responsibility for their actions, then they are taking you for granted. Your spouse needs to be responsible. Throwing you under the bus for everything can be a frustrating situation. 

Your Spouse Avoids Their Chores

A spouse who becomes sloppy and doesn’t want to help out around the house doesn’t want to focus on the marriage. They don’t want to put effort into the relationship and may be trying to see if you’ll just pick up their slack or fight them about it. So if you’re doing more and more chores around the house while your spouse sits back, you’re being taken for granted. 

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If you’ve been frustrated with your marriage for quite some time, it may be because your spouse is taking advantage of you. This often means they are not putting in the necessary effort to maintain the marriage. 

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