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Delaware OH Tax Attorney

Ohio general consumer sales tax charged at 5.75% is an important detail to consider when you are getting a divorce, because some property distributions are taxable by the state. When you file for divorce can also affect your personal taxes. If you file before December 31st, you may have tax advantages. Your Delaware OH Tax Attorney knows all the little details of state and federal taxation. At Lawrence Law Office, you get personal attention and experienced legal advice on tax matters, Family Law issues and other legal matters that affect your future.

We also offer specific solutions related to child support, mortgages, property settlement, debt allocation and spousal support payment options which can help to minimize the impact of a divorce on your tax burden. Contact our Delaware, OH, law office now to learn how our experienced Tax Attorneys can help you. Call Attorney Linda J. Lawrence at the Lawrence Law Office now, at 614-228-3664.

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