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elderly couple talking about divorce

At the Lawrence Law Office, we take a pro-active and preventive approach to retirement benefits. We recommend couples to secure a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) before a completing the final divorce agreement. This is a court order that we can write. It orders the retirement plan to pay a specified share of retirement benefits based on the divorce agreement. If you don’t get a signed QDRO, you may wind up not getting what the divorce decree stated because the documentation wasn’t handled properly.

Retirement benefits may be paid as a single lump sum, monthly pension or some other form. If your spouse dies before you are paid, you may lose benefits if the QDRO doesn’t provide some type of survivor protection. We’re the Ohio Family Law firm that can let you know if the QDRO should provide survivor death benefits.

Without a doubt, divorce is hard. It’s smart to educate yourself ahead of time about your rights to retirement benefits in a divorce. At the Lawrence Law Office, we are always happy to answer any questions. We’ll take all the legal steps needed to best protect your rights.

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