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happyThere are many questions at the conclusion of a marriage. Many couples throughout central Ohio want to bring their marriage to an end in a spirit of cooperation, in the shortest timeframe, and with the lowest cost possible. If you are concerned about an expensive legal battle and wish to end your marriage with dignity, contact the experienced Ohio dissolution attorneys at the Lawrence Law Office.

Dissolution is an excellent option for Ohio couples wishing to end their marriage in a short time period, sometimes 60 to 90 days with the least expense. Couples must be in complete agreement on every issue including the distribution of assets, such as:

  • Family home
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Division of investment and retirement accounts
  • Allocation of marital debts.

If you decide to dissolve your marriage, one of our Ohio family lawyers can represent you and draft the separation agreement and any related documents to legally terminate the marriage. Our firm’s Delaware family law attorneys have more than two decades of experience handling divorces and marriage dissolutions. We have the skills and legal resources to ensure all issues are resolved legally and permanently.

The Benefits of Pursuing an Alternative to Litigation

A dissolution would allow you to remain in control, developing solutions that will work best for your family’s unique needs. A dissolution avoids expensive legal battles, maintains the highest degree of privacy, and allows couples to end their marriage in the shortest period of time possible.

Couples who successfully complete a dissolution usually maintain a stronger working relationship for the future. There can be much less stress on the couple and their children. Family assets can be saved for the future, instead of depleting them in an expensive legal battle. A dissolution is an excellent option even if there is substantial wealth, business ownership, a professional practice or special needs associated with the children. If a dissolution agreement does not work for your family, we could look into mediation or collaborative law to help you get divorced outside of litigation.

Contact our Skilled Ohio Dissolution Attorneys

Take the first step to begin the process of ending your marriage in a non-combative way. We are happy to assist clients throughout Ohio including New Albany, Westerville, Worthington, Powell, Dublin, Lewis Center, Shawnee Hills, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Marysville, Sunbury, Ostrander, Waldo, Plain City, Centerburg as well as Franklin County, Delaware County, Marion County, Morrow County, Union County or Knox County. Contact our dissolution attorneys at 740-363-0990 to schedule a confidential consultation. We will respect the intentions of you and your spouse, while working to find the best possible solution to bring your marriage to a successful conclusion.


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