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Marriage vs. Career: How to Prioritize

For many people, work is their main focus. For others, it’s their family. Is there a way to balance it so both are a priority?

It’s hard to balance both, especially when your children are young and your career is taking off. Family should always come first, but at what cost? We all live busy lives, so how do we find enough time to be available for both our family and our business or career?

When you put your personal life ahead of your career, you’ll feel more confident and energized. This then makes you better at your job. So when in doubt, always choose your family. If you don’t, your family will no doubt feel neglected. Your husband or wife may even get fed up and want to file for divorce

Of course, that’s something you want to avoid. While work can offer satisfaction from a job well done, you should never neglect your marriage. It’s difficult to balance work and marriage, but it’s well worth the effort. Need help? Here are some tips to help you get your priorities straight again and keep your marriage intact.

Stay Off Social Media

With just about everyone putting their lives on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, it’s easy to feel jealous of your friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor who seems to have the perfect life. You may wonder why other couples are killing it, while you and your spouse are struggling. Other people seem to be able to balance work, kids, activities, and everything else, so why can’t you?

What you see on social media is filtered. You are seeing a glimpse of a person’s life. Are you seeing their struggles in everyday life? Most likely, no. These people may be miserable, but they want you to be jealous. Your best bet is to just stay off social media. You’ll feel better about your life.

Prioritize Your Marriage

Remember that relationships take work. You cannot work 12-hour days and expect your marriage to be OK. Your partner should be a priority, even when you come home from work tired. You need to check in with them. Even a short conversation every day will keep you and your spouse connected. 

Make and Keep Commitments

Nothing is worse than making promises and not following through with them. Make regular commitments to your spouse, such as date nights, movie nights, and weekend getaways. Make sure this time is reserved for you and your spouse only to reconnect and unwind. Do not neglect these commitments. It’s OK to reschedule when life gets a little too busy but never forget them. 

Show Your Appreciation

We often get stuck in our same old routines and that makes it hard to prioritize relationships. It’s easy to focus on work projects, but you need to take time to show your loved ones you care. You don’t have to do anything over the top. Just take a moment or two to show your affection to your spouse. The digital age makes it easy. Use an app to order your spouse a favorite meal. Send a text or a meme showing your love. Email an article about something you found funny or maybe an activity you’d like to do. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Just go for something small that shows you are thinking about them.

Create a Budget and Live Accordingly

If you own your own business, you may be constantly focused on making more and more money. But what for? Can you pay the bills and afford necessities? Do you really need a new car or boat? Sometimes it’s better to work less if you can afford to do so rather than constantly chasing bigger and better things. Down the road, will it really matter that you worked more and bought a fancy sports car? It’s much better to spend time with your family and create memories with them now. After all, nobody has ever wished that they worked more. 

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When you work too much and don’t prioritize your marriage, it can lead to divorce. Protect your marriage by putting your marriage first. 
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