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Challenges Faced By Executives During Divorce

Divorce is never easy, but the process becomes even more challenging if you are an executive. Being an executive means your lifestyle is very busy, and the very nature of your business may make the divorce process harder. Below, our Columbus executive divorce lawyer outlines the biggest challenges you may face, and how to overcome them.

Lack of Time

Again, given the high-level position you are in, you are likely very busy. Your days may be full of meetings and conferences, and you may have to travel frequently for work. This leaves very little time for anything else but running the business. Unfortunately, divorce proceedings can also take a great deal of time. 

You will have to collect certain documents, attend hearings, and perhaps even enter into mediation sessions. You may not think you have time for these proceedings, but they are important. A Columbus family lawyer can help streamline your case and ensure you are properly prepared so you can focus on other things while it is ongoing.

Dividing Assets

As an executive, you likely earn a fairly high income and you probably also have other investments, such as retirement savings, stocks and bonds, and real estate. Some of these assets will be subject to property division, meaning your spouse will likely receive a portion of them. Dividing these assets is extremely difficult and you need to ensure the property you value most is protected. A family lawyer can advise on how investments are divided and will help you protect your wealth.

Support Issues

If you have children with the spouse you are divorcing, you may have to pay child support post-divorce. You may also have to pay spousal support, which could cost you thousands of dollars a month. Spousal support once called alimony in Ohio, is intended to put you and your spouse on equal footing after the divorce. It is also intended to allow your spouse to enjoy the same standard of living after divorce. A lawyer can protect you against requests for support that are for unfair amounts.

Keeping Sensitive Issues Private

Divorce proceedings become a public record. In other cases, this is generally not an issue. When you are an executive though, you may not want your finances and matters of your personal life to become public knowledge. There is also a greater chance that someone will look up the details of your divorce if you are an executive. A lawyer can advise on how to ensure the records of your divorce are not made public, such as settling your case during mediation and signing a non-disclosure agreement with your spouse.

Our Columbus Executive Divorce Lawyers can Help.

At Lawrence Law Office, our Columbus executive divorce lawyers understand that as an executive, you are very busy. It is for this reason we make sure we respect your time throughout every step of the process. Our seasoned attorneys will help you remain organized during your divorce so we can streamline the process and make it easier for you.

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