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Should I File for Divorce Before My Spouse Does?

If you are having problems in your marriage, you might be considering the possibility of filing for divorce in Columbus, Ohio. Yet making the decision to file for divorce can be a difficult one, and our Columbus divorce attorneys know that it is not a decision to be made lightly, or one that you may be ready to make right now. At the same time, it is important to consider the benefits of being the party who does file for divorce. Rather than being the spouse who is served with divorce papers when the other party files the petition, filing for divorce first can have its benefits. Our firm wants to discuss some of those advantages with you so that you can have the information you need when you are deciding whether or not to file first for divorce in Ohio.

You Can Take Steps to Prepare Financially for Divorce

Although many spouses already have a sense that their marriage may be coming to an end before either party has actually filed for divorce, it can be helpful to be the one who files for divorce first because you can take the necessary steps to plan financially. Once you know that you are going to file for divorce, you can create a budget that will help you to transition to life after separation and divorce that may require living on just one salary and in a different household.

Take Time Finding the Right Columbus Divorce Attorney for Your Case

When a spouse is served with divorce papers, she or he might scramble to find a divorce lawyer. By planning to file first, you can take the time you need to find the right Columbus divorce attorney who has experience handling cases under Ohio divorce law and can assist you with the specific details of your case.

Make Plans to Change Beneficiaries and Update Emergency Contacts

Knowing that you will file for divorce also gives you the time you need to make any necessary plans to change beneficiaries on accounts or insurance policies (since your spouse is likely your beneficiary), and to update emergency contact information. When a spouse is served with divorce papers, she or he can be caught off-guard and might forget to make these important changes, or might put them off until later. By planning to file for divorce and knowing that you will be the spouse who files, you can take these necessary steps on a timeline that works for you.

Gather Documentation You Will Need for Your Divorce Case

Perhaps most importantly, being the spouse who files for divorce can give you an opportunity to gather documentation that can be essential in your divorce, but that you may have trouble obtaining if your spouse files for divorce first and tries to retain information about income, assets, and other materials. While you are making plans to file for divorce, you can copy W-2s and earnings statements, make copies of receipts and appraisals for assets, and gather any other critical information for property division in your divorce.

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