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Do I Need a Family Lawyer in Ohio?

Disputes involving family members are inherently difficult. Few people are prepared to tackle a family law issue on their own, so hiring a family lawyer in Ohio makes perfect sense.

At Lawrence Law Office, we understand that many people are hesitant to hire a lawyer. Their reasons vary. Some hope to settle the dispute on their own and feel that bringing a lawyer into the mix sends the wrong signals. Others are worried about the cost of a family lawyer and prefer to litigate their dispute on their own.

Although these are valid concerns, there is too much at stake to proceed without an attorney. Below, our family lawyer in Ohio addresses many of these concerns.

A Lawyer Can Help with Negotiations

We completely agree that not every legal dispute needs to end up in court in front of a judge. Instead, negotiating a settlement carries many advantages, including saving you time and money. Because family is on the other side of the dispute, you probably are worried about maintaining cordial relations, especially if you anticipate seeing them again.

Even if you are divorcing, there is no reason to amplify negative feelings. However, any concern for maintaining amicable relations shouldn’t preclude hiring a lawyer. For one thing, no one needs to know you have a lawyer. You can negotiate on your own and come to us for advice and legal information.

We excel at helping clients understand their rights should they end up in front of a judge, which can inform any negotiation strategy. For another, we do not take an aggressive stance unless our clients instruct us to. Family lawyers have an unfair reputation for always wanting to “fight.” Instead, we can help facilitate communication and finding common ground, and we only fight when we want to.

Going without an Attorney Can Cost More in the Long Run

stressed mom with toddlerSome people can competently represent themselves in a family law dispute. However, others will end up losing money in the long run and will be very dissatisfied with the resolution of their case.

For example, imagine that you represent yourself in a contested divorce. However, your ex (who had an attorney) ends up being the primary residential parent and gets more of the marital property than you had hoped. Now, what do you do? Although you can try to fight the result on appeal, that will only cost you money.

You also lose out on not getting as much marital property as you had hoped. Going without an attorney—which seemed like a sensible, cost-saving measure at the start—now possibly ended up costing you more. You end up behind financially.

If you are worried about expenses, discuss fees with an attorney during your consultation. A lawyer might have payment plans available that can spread out the cost over a number of months.

A Judge Won’t Take It Easy on You

Judges take an oath to remain neutral in any case that they hear. Although you might hope that a judge takes it easy if you are trying to represent yourself, the fact is otherwise. Judges will not cut you any slack if you file the wrong paperwork or try to introduce inappropriate evidence. In fact, they might become annoyed with you.

An Attorney Can Find Creative Solutions

A family lawyer in Ohio is more than an advocate. He or she should also be a problem solver. Both skills are important to have.

At Lawrence Law Office, our attorneys have experience in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques. We are well versed in how to get angry people together to listen to each other and find common ground.

An Attorney Can Help You Think Through What You Want

Many people enter a family law dispute very clear about what they want. For example, in a divorce, they might want the family home. However, a little reflection might prompt them to reconsider this choice. Specifically, they might have underestimated the costs and time needed to maintain the property on their own income. After taking that into consideration, they might realize that they want different marital assets instead, like an investment or retirement account.

Lawyers are trained to look at issues from multiple angles. We can help you think through what you want from the dispute, which increases client satisfaction with the entire process.

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