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Three Ways to Ruin Your Divorce Settlement

In most contested divorce scenarios, each partner feels that he or she is in the right and that any settlement agreement should favor him or her. A family law judge will focus on hearing relevant information and making a fair judgment according to the facts of the case. Unfortunately, some divorcing adults take matters into their own hands hoping to find a way to guarantee that the judge favors them. When you or someone you know attempts to find a way to tip the scales in your favor, it is possible that you will instead find a way to completely ruin your divorce settlement.

Spying on Your Spouse

Television shows and movies often feature one spouse using technology to spy on a partner in order to obtain information to use against him or her in a divorce. Adults going through a divorce sometimes try to emulate what they have seen by spying on their spouse using computer programs, apps, or even professionals. The problem with spying on a spouse is that it can have legal consequences if not done correctly. Instead of obtaining irrefutable proof that your spouse is involved in wrong-doing, you could place yourself in the legal hot seat.

Hiding Assets

During the divorce process, both partners work with the attorneys and the judge to determine a divorce settlement that fairly divides assets. Some people do not have a clear idea of their personal property vs. marital property, leading them to attempt hiding assets that they do not feel should be shared. Attempting to hide money, property, or even lie about your income can all lead to extremely serious consequences. Not only will you have to share your assets with your spouse, the judge may penalize you by awarding your spouse a larger share. Also, hiding assets ruins your credibility, making it difficult for you or your attorney to convince the judge of anything in the future.

Oversharing on Social Media

The growth of the internet in general and social media specifically have changed the way information is gathered during divorces. Many attorneys have admitted to using social media to find out information about their clients’ spouses spending habits or parenting that was later used in court. A man or woman going through a divorce may feel tempted to use social media as a way to prove that life is continuing without issue by sharing pictures of outings, activities, or even using social media to insult his or her estranged spouse. All of these actions could lead to your social media activity being presented as evidence against you during your divorce hearings.  A woman who is claiming in court that her ex is leaving his children destitute may find herself  in an embarrassing bind if her ex’s lawyer presents pictures of her recent international vacation that was shared on social media.

Get Legal Help

Once you have decided to get a divorce, getting legal help immediately is the best way to protect your case. A divorce attorney can prevent you from making any serious blunders that could impact your ability to obtain a fair divorce settlement. The attorneys at Lawrence Law Office understand the difficulties of going through a contested divorce and we are here to give you the legal representation and advice you need to obtain the settlement you desire. Contact our conveniently located Columbus office today and schedule a consultation.

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