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Preparing for a Military Divorce

Getting a divorce is never easy, but being an active duty service member or retired veteran adds complications to an already difficult process. The unique circumstances often surrounding the end of a marriage when one partner is, or was, in the military require specialized knowledge and extra preparation.

If you or someone close to you is preparing for a military divorce, it is important to educate yourself regarding certain factors that can seriously impact your divorce settlement. Failing to consult an attorney who understands military divorce could create a situation in which you do not have the representation of an advocate who is truly able to act in your best interest.

Obtain Funds

older business man preparing for his dayDivorce is typically expensive regardless of the route you take. Once you are certain that divorce is your only option, it is a good idea to begin saving funds to use for your divorce and to pay for basic expenses. Most attorneys will require you to pay a retainer and if you are a military spouse, it is possible that the service member will stop any allotments that you are receiving.

Also, if your spouse decides to move out of the marital home, there might be a period of time during which you are required to handle all of the household expenses alone. Entering the divorce process with no cash on hand increases the likelihood of agreeing to an unreasonable settlement because you are in a desperate financial situation.

Take Advantage of Counseling

Active duty military personnel and their spouses are able to receive counseling prior to getting a divorce. The counseling services are free, confidential, and can offer the emotional support you need. Instead of focusing on encouraging a couple to stay together, pre-divorce counselors can provide realistic advice and can continue to provide you with an emotional outlet once the divorce proceedings begin.

Military counseling services aid military spouses and service members during the extremely stressful divorce process. These services are especially useful in situations where a pre-divorce separation is required.

Gather Documentation

Many aspects of military divorce are reliant on the length of time the couple was married while the service member was in the military. Retirement sharing, health insurance, and other benefits are determined by how much of the marriage took place while the military member was in service.

Gathering documentation regarding your marriage, the time spent in the military, investments, accounts, property information, and other details can help prove your case along with the assets to which you are entitled. Also, record your own spending and income so that disclosing your financial resources is easier.

Contact an Attorney

Contacting an attorney who has experience helping military families is the most important part of your divorce process. A military divorce attorney who understands military benefits and retirement distribution can ensure that your rights are protected.

The attorneys at Lawrence Law Office understand how complicated a military divorce is and we have helped many clients achieve positive outcomes. Contact our Columbus, Ohio, office today to discuss your situation and schedule a consultation.

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