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Social Media and Divorce

Social media is a big part of almost everyone’s life today. We use social media sites to receive news, as a creative outlet, or as a place to catch up with friends. When it comes to sharing personal details from your life, however, you should think twice before splashing them all over the internet. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn enable individuals to connect on a common platform to share pictures, stories, and personal thoughts, but those individuals sometimes discover the hard way that everything written online is permissible in court.

Social media posts are frequently used in family law cases as a means to prove or disprove a point raised. Posts on social media, as well as emails and text messages are admissible as evidence in court proceedings and also may be subpoenaed in the event that they are not willingly provided or have since been taken down. For example, if the opposing party posted on social media about a vacation recently taken, a new job, or other sensitive information, a judge can look at any post as justification as to why alimony, custody, or even certain assets will not be granted to that party. If the party in a divorce proceeding posts to social media about a new romantic relationship, for example, it could lead the court to question whether he or she was cheating on his or her spouse.

Thus, anytime you find yourself in a family law proceeding such as a divorce or a child custody battle, keep sensitive information off of the internet and always watch what you are saying and to whom you are saying it. This pertains to dating websites, as well. Anything you put on the internet in any capacity is fair game. While you are still married and going through the divorce process, stay away from dating apps and websites, as any of your activities on those sites may be used against you in court. Conversely, this may work to your advantage in the event you have a former partner posting incriminating things to his or her social media accounts.

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