Where is the line drawn between being protective and alienation?

The line is not always clear. However, parents who are merely trying to protect their child often have a good reason, such as a history of abuse. By contrast, parents who try to alienate their child from the other parent do so for no good reason. Instead, they use negative language and lies to create distance between the child and the other parent.

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What should I know about child custody as an unmarried parent?

Before an unmarried father will have parental rights, he needs to establish that he is the father. This is called establishing paternity. In Ohio, a father can establish paternity in a couple ways, such as signing a voluntary affidavit of paternity. Alternately either parent can file a paternity suit.

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What happens with my child custody orders when I move out of state?

Ohio is a signatory to the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, along with most other states. This means that the state you move to must enforce child visitation orders. Of course, it matters whether you are leaving the state with your child or not. If you are, you will probably need to provide notice to the court. Make sure to follow all required steps, otherwise you could get in trouble.

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Can grandparents be included in visitation schedules?

Sometimes. Ohio law allows grandparents to petition for visitation in limited circumstances, such as when the child’s parents are unmarried or the parents have filed for divorce or legal separation. A court does not automatically grant visitation. Instead, a judge will decide if visitation is in your grandchild’s best interest.

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What happens to life insurance policies after divorce?

Life insurance policies are like other assets that must be divided in a divorce. This is particularly true if you have a whole life or universal life policy. You probably named your spouse as your beneficiary in the event you died. After divorce, you need to name a new beneficiary, which could be your children or another person.

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Will there be repercussions if I move out of my marital home before I am divorced?

Yes. Leaving the home is often more expensive and inconvenient. However, it could also negatively impact your request for custody. Judges decide parenting disputes based on the best interests of your child, and one factor is how much time you currently spend with your children. If you leave the home, you will probably reduce your contact with them.

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What are the consequences of hiding my assets while going through a divorce?

Hiding assets might seem like a good idea to gain advantage in a divorce. However, you will face serious problems if those assets are discovered. In addition to shredding your credibility, a judge can impose sanctions. You might even face a felony charge for perjury.

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How do we decide where our children will go to school following a divorce?

Parents with joint custody will hopefully reach an agreement on which school their child will attend. If parents can’t find common ground, then they can use different techniques, like mediation, to reach an agreement. Otherwise, parents might soon find themselves back in family court, having a judge decide the issue.

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What do parental rights look like in the state of Ohio?

Parents have substantial rights, including the right to spend time with their children and the right to make important legal decisions for them, like whether they can receive surgery or where they will go to school. If a parent has custody, then they could also qualify for child support, which must be paid by the non-custodial parent. A parent does not lose their parental rights easily; however, the precise contour of their rights is often a dispute during divorce.

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