Five Common Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

By April 28, 2017divorce

When going through a painful divorce, it is important to remain objective, focus on your long-term needs, and hire an experienced divorce attorney. If you head into a divorce angry and looking for a fight, you are less likely to set yourself and your children up well for the future.

Five common mistakes to avoid are:

Ignoring Tax Implications

Your tax liability will change after a divorce and you need to be prepared. You liability as a single individual may increase or decrease. You may have more or fewer deductions depending on where your children live or if you pay child or spousal support. An experienced attorney will consider tax implications when negotiating a property and financial settlement so you are not hit with a huge bill.

Using Children as a Bargaining Chip

It can be easy to use time with the children as leverage for other issues in the divorce. But dragging your children into the divorce can ruin parent-child relationships and make the situation emotionally difficult for the kids. It is best to leave issues surrounding the children separate from other factors within the divorce.

Ignoring the Relevance of Social Media

What parents put on their social media is becoming more relevant to child responsibility and custody decisions. While the court will not look at factors that do not affect the parent-child relationship, the court can consider social media content like Facebook posts and tweets when determining who gets custody of the children. A parent’s social media posts regarding alcohol and drug use may reduce his or her chances of gaining parental responsibilities. On the other hand, these posts can also be used to support the presence of a parent-child relationship.

Not Reviewing Facts, Figures, and Documents

You should always be aware of what your divorce documents say or what a piece of paper states before you sign it. You should work closely with your attorney so that you can review documents before they are submitted to the court. You should also ask to review court documents before they are submitted. Attorneys and law clerks are people and they sometimes make mistakes. It is your job to ensure everyone involved has the correct information and that there are no mistakes leading up to your divorce decree.

Not Updating Your Will

Once your divorce is finalized, you should immediately draft a new will. Now that you are single, you need to decide who inherits your property instead of your ex-spouse. You may leave it all to your children or decide portions of the estate go to other family and friends.

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