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Paternity is an important concept that often comes up when discussing legal matters that involve children. For example, before you can pursue custody or visitation rights as a father in the state of Ohio, you must first establish paternity. Likewise, a mother cannot ask for child support from a child’s father until paternity has been verified legally.

Ohio’s laws regarding paternity can be complicated and confusing. If you are facing a situation involving the question of paternity in Ohio, you may benefit from legal counsel.

Paternity Law in Ohio

Under Ohio law, a man is presumed to be a child’s biological father if he has been married to the child’s mother and the child is born either during the marriage or within three hundred days of separation, divorce, dissolution or the death of one of the spouses. Paternity established in this manner can be invalidated only with clear evidence, such as the results of a genetic test.

If paternity is not presumed by marriage, it can be established by a non-invasive genetic test that compares the child’s DNA to the DNA of possible father. Alternatively, parents can also establish paternity by signing an “Acknowledgement of Paternity Affidavit.” However, this affidavit is only valid if both parties are in agreement about paternity and willing to sign it.

Hiring a Delaware OH Family Law Attorney

In some cases, two or more parties may question or disagree about the issue of a child’s paternity. When this occurs, legal intervention is often necessary in order to settle the issue. If you are involved in such a dispute, it’s wise to hire a qualified family law attorney to represent you during the case. An attorney with experience in Ohio family law can review your case, thoroughly explain the legal process and help you take the next steps to either establish or invalidate a claim of paternity. After paternity has been established or invalidated by genetic testing, your family law attorney can also help you:

  • Pursue visitation rights
  • Pursue custody
  • Establish, modify or invalidate a child support order

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