Ohio Family Law Mediation

Certified Specialist in Family Relations Law

Linda Lawrence is a Certified Specialist in Family Relations Law, and her extensive experience in family law related legal matters gives her a unique perspective when helping people to resolve complex family problems, and disagreements relating to child custody or visitation (known in Ohio as “parenting time”). Linda is also certified as an Ohio domestic relations mediator. To be considered a certified domestic or family law mediator, you must complete an additional series of focused and specialized family or divorce mediation course work (above and beyond the base coursework required to become a mediator), in accordance with the standards established by the (Ohio) Supreme Court advisory committee on dispute resolution.

Mediation is an excellent tool for helping parents to facilitate a conversation and reach an agreement on challenges that arise in a shorter timeframe, and at a much lower cost than going back to court. In Ohio, attorneys are held to a high standard of business conduct and counsel. As a family law mediator, Linda Lawrence can provide a much broader level of counseling and guidance than a more classic counselor or therapist. When former spouses come to her with a complex problem, she can apply her extensive experience in actual legal outcomes throughout Columbus, Delaware and Central Ohio. She can provide legal opinion, guidance and perspective that other types of counselors and mediators simply do not have.

The goal of any mediation is to resolve the core issues as quickly as possible, and at a reasonable cost, while establishing a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and planning for the future. In a mediation, the parties can work to learn new skills and build a framework for a working relationship that will serve each of them in the coming months and years.

Why Should We Consider Mediation Instead of Going To Court in Ohio?

The simple answers are costs, and control. The moment you walk into a court you relinquish all control over the ultimate outcome of any legal issue. A stranger will impose a solution that you must live with, and the associated costs (and time involved) are usually steep.

A legal mediation usually results in 4 to 5 ideas or suggestions to resolve the issue. An experienced mediator can provide a fresh perspective, while helping to establish a more positive and constructive environment for resolving genuine problems or areas of disagreement. Often, couples approaching a divorce have agreed upon or resolved most of the legal issues relating to the children, assets and liabilities, but there might be two or three areas of genuine disagreement. Mediation can help to resolve those remaining areas in a faster timeframe and much lower cost than divorce proceedings, while helping the couple to maintain control over their own destiny and find a solution that will work for their unique family environment.

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