Divorce Issues for Business Owners

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divorce for boCouples in which one or both spouses are partners in a professional law or medical practice or other small business, face challenges in the division of marital assets during a divorce. There are many complicated divorce issues for business owners in Ohio, including taxation issues and valuing the business. These are complex issues that require an experienced attorney.

Whether you own a sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC, S corporation, corporation or limited liability partnership, the business and divorce attorneys at the Lawrence Law Office are experienced in helping separating couples divide their businesses.

Who Owns the Business?

If you and your spouse own a business together there are many questions that need to be answered including:

  • Is the business going to survive?
  • Who is going to take over the business after the divorce?
  • Are you going to continue working together post divorce?

If only one spouse owns the business, we will determine whether there is a buy-sell agreement. This agreement will dictate what to do if one of the partner’s interest is in danger because of bankruptcy or divorce.

How To Protect Your Ohio Business Through Divorce

Divorce can have a devastating effect on your business. If you are ending your marriage and own your own business there are ways protect it. At the Lawrence Law Office, our business law experience makes us especially adept at ensuring that your business has all the necessary documents, including operating/shareholder agreements, that limit the fallout in case of divorce.

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